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Marvin is an extensible image processing framework for Java. It provides features to manipulate images, to manipulate captured video frames, and to process images with multi-threading. Its features can be extended via plug-ins. Plug-ins can be integrated with the graphical user interface, and their plug-in performance can be analyzed. Every image processing algorithm is developed as a plug-in that can be plugged into the MarvinEditor, an image manipulation program that uses plug-ins developed using Marvin, or into third-party applications. Currently there are 55 plug-ins available.

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Software developed for the Barnes maze experiment used in psychological laboratory to measure spatial learning and memory in ...

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Release Notes: A MarvinPluginCollection static class was added to allow developers to use Marvin image processing algorithms without managing plug-ins.

Release Notes: A bug has been fixed in color format conversion (binary to rgb). This release adds color thresholding to the boundary fill plug-in. It adds a subimage method directly in MarvinImage objects. The DifferenceColor plug-in now returns information about the comparison.

  •  21 Dec 2013 21:12

Release Notes: A class for dealing with mathematical methods was added, including a method to create a boolean matrix for morphological image processing.

  •  05 Dec 2013 22:18

Release Notes: A bug has been fixed with binary image export in PNG image format.

Release Notes: A bug in the emboss plug-in was removed. Two new filter plug-ins are added: BlackAndWhite and ColorChannel.


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